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      It’s amazing what we can do,           when we work together.


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Mission + Vision

March 2013 - I watched a swarm fly over my backyard and  into my neighbors tree, kicking out a nest of squirrels, and making a home inside of a hollow section on the top of the tree.

January 2014 – Started planting flowers that are bee friendly like clover and other wild flowers, instead of just food bearing plants, in the outdoor garden


January 2015 –  March 2015  My neighbors hollowed out , bee and honey filled, tree, falls from too much wind, and. I decide to become a Beekeeper, so I know how to help Save The Bees!  I Built 4 Beehives, moved the feral Bees into, two of the new Hives and the Please Save The Bees Campaign was Born!

our history


Global Support

   All my life i have known bees were important to our planet, I simply didn't know just how crucial they were or what role I would come to play.

  Today I am an Activist for social issues and a Beekeeper with a mission to bring an awareness to the roles and functions these amazing flying creatures take on.

   The " Please Save The Bees" Campaign will do all it can to help in the fight to keep the Bees alive!

Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!

G Dempsey

G. Dempsey - Beekeeper L.A.C.B.A

President - Please Save The Bees Campaign