Other Ways you can help:

​​Host a public action: 

Actions build upon petitions and other activities that recruit people to your cause.

These actions can bring visibility and media coverage, to the movement.

*Petition delivery: Write a great petition and walk it into the local EPA office, or your local agricultural Commissioner, whatever makes sense to send the message that bees should be protected.

*Flash mob: Bee a big hit on YouTube and make a memorable event with a coordinated flash mob event. 

*Swarm:in: Dress up like a Bee and meet several other people to stand in front of the offices of Bayer or any other maker of Neonicotinoid  Pesticides, the popular pesticides in use in the US today.  

*Honey tour: Take a group of people out, to show them a backyard or commercial beekeeping operations. Giving them a taste of honey first hand, is likely to influence how they feel about saving the bees.

*Create A Safe Haven: You can create a safe haven almost anywhere, with fresh water, shade, flowers and plants.

*Host a film screening about Bees: Invite friends and family over to watch a movie about bees and discuss ways to get involved!

 Please   Save  The ​ Bees !

*Donate to our

"Please Save The Bees" 

Campaign to protect the Bees!

*invite friends and family over for a meal and reflect on how Bees are important for our planets food.

*Plant a garden with plants  & flowers Bees love.

​*Become a beekeeper! 

There are a growing number 

of beekeeping resources and classes available.

According to the most recent U.N. report; of the 100 crops that provide 90% of the world's food, over 70 are pollinated by bees. In the U.S. alone, honey bees contribute over $19 billion of food into the US economy.

In North America about 95 kinds of fruits; almonds, avocados, 

cranberries and apples are pollinated by Bees. We can thank honey bees for

one in three bites of food we eat everyday!


HowYou Can help